Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Long live fluff-chuckin'!
Hope you all have a great 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Oz!

To all our international friends, Christmas 'Down-Under' is a summertime thing; families will congregate in parks or on beaches for a BBQ lunch, or in the family home with the traditional roast. But times change and more and more we see the turkey replaced with plates of seafood. This change of cuisine really seems to be more favorable to our climate. Being an island nation, seafood is in abundance and what the Americans call shrimp, we call prawns and they're huge! Scallops (not slices of potato!), lobster and calamari are just easy-to-obtain delicacies. It was stated on our morning News this week that the Sydney market expects to sell around 1.6 million oysters alone for the Christmas break.

Extra cold beer and red and white wines are the beverages of choice, all taken in copious amounts! So, sit back and think of us while you're sipping your egg-nog or your Gluhwein around a cosy fire and raise your glasses to us poor buggers Down-Under who have to tolerate 30C (80F) heat, as we struggle to throw another Prawn on the barbie! At home we dress in shorts, Ts and flip-flops and on the beach, Speedos (budgie-smugglers).

Anyhow, all of that bulldust aside, we wish you a wonderful season and blessings for 2010 and beyond!

Mick & Alaine