Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Classic Dry Fly Box

After the terrific success of Mike Valla's first book, 'Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies', it's pleasing to see that Mike has released a new work on the history of 100 famous old flies and fly patterns of the Catskill region.

Mike's proven record on sourcing historical facts and his authentic approach, research and the flies he has put together in this book, is a credit to him.  As an example, Mike's search to obtain the correct hooks that were used in the original tyings went world wide and finally, he found what was needed, would you believe, not far from home!  This just goes to prove how diligent Mike was in reproducing these flies for this book.

I'm still awaiting my Limited Edition copy; there may be some left, so I suggest you get in touch with the publishers.

Back Cover

The Classic Dry Fly Box
by Mike Valla

A glimpse inside the Dry Fly Box of Mike Valla! Join him as he takes a tour of the history of the Catskill-style dry fly, from the Abbey to the Yellow Spinner, with 98 other stops in between. From the popular to the obscure, Valla delves into the history of these marvelous flies, masterfully weaving quotes from Gordon, Cross, the Dettes, Bergman and other legends with his own personal anecdotes about growing up in the Catskill tying tradition. Fully illustrated with gorgeous color photography and complete with dressing appendix.

Published by The Whitefish Press (November, 2011) • Softcover Trade Edition • 128 Pages • Full Color Throughout • Dressing Appendix for all 100 Flies • List Price: US$29.95

Available from The Whitefish Press (

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